Online Pharmacies

Do online pharmacies offer free shipping of your medications?

Buying medications online have now become a way of life for many as it has become very convenient to do so. One niggling worry is the shipping cost. A number of persons look to using online pharmacies for the fact that the drugs can be purchased for cheap. The shipping fee is likely to hike up the cost of the order tremendously. This can be avoided and you can even get free shipping if you choose the right place to order the drug from. When free shipping is available, why not use this option and enjoy the cost saving benefits?

Where to get free shipping from is the next important question. First time users of online pharmacies are more likely to be unaware of free shipping options. Those who use this service regularly also may not know the choices that you can make when it comes availing free shipping on medications. We tell you how.

How to get free shipping on your order?

Ordering prescription medications online can be completely hassle-free without having to pay any unwanted charges like shipping fees. But some places do charge a fee for shipping and may not do it for free. The ones that have free shipping are likely to offer multiple options regarding the order itself. For instance, if you place a bulk order for a particular drug you may be eligible for free shipping of the medications. The eligibility for free shipping may also be applicable if the order value meets the limit set by the online pharmacy for free delivery. Check the cart total and see if the shipping fee has been applied or not.

Another way to ensure that you receive the order without any shipping fee added is by choosing the appropriate shipping carrier. Express shipping carriers usually charge a fee for the quick delivery and this is payable by the customer. Other modes of shipping are mostly free of any charges and you could get the medication by paying just for the product.

Opting for the right online drugstore for free shipping

It may seem tricky finding the right online pharmacy for getting your prescription medications delivered to you without any delivery charges. Do a search for reputed places that are licensed to dispense the medication. Since customers look for free shipping and the competition among these places is very high online, most of them advertise the free shipping. Be sure to check the eligibility restrictions for free shipping and also the shipping carriers available with the place. Give a reading of the shipping policy as well. If you play your cards right and use these simple tips, you would not have to pay a fee for the delivery for the order.