Take Fish Oil For A Happy And Healthy Heart

If you do not currently take a fish oil supplement, perhaps it’s time to learn of the benefits of doing so. Fish oil is known for its cardiovascular benefits, the ability to lower triglyceride levels, and help lower blood pressure as well. Taking a daily fish oil supplement is recommended by healthcare professionals to enhance overall health.

There are so many different varieties of fish oil supplements these days that it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. Every company asserts that their brand is the best so it takes some research to really figure out what brands are the leaders in the market. In order to find the best products, it is necessary to go beyond the fish oil label or the people who are endorsing the product. Just because a celebrity or well-known physician endorses a product does not mean it is the best. Take your time to do your homework before deciding which fish oil supplement to purchase.

When you are seeking to discover a high quality fish oil capsule, it is important that you understand the science behind fish oil. Scientists tell us that certain fish have high quality and rich omega 3, which is very beneficial for human health, so the key is to find out what kind of fish your capsules come from. It is important to look on the fish oil product for information as to where the fish oil came from. It should say that it came from salmon, tuna, sardines, etc. on the label. If it does not, then chances are the company is hiding something and you should not use that product.

Even if the label states that the fish oil came from a good species, you can do further research to see if the fish that were used were graded healthy and toxin free. You do not want fish that have been in contaminated water and carry toxins such as mercury and PCB’s. The fish ought to be deep sea fish that have been caught from pristine waters, as there is less of a chance they will be contaminated. The way fish are processed is important as well, because some companies press fish oil from healthy fish and some from unhealthy fish. Look for companies that use efficient distillation and purification methods that remove any impurities from the fish. Researchers assert that in order to obtain high quality fish oil, companies should use molecular distillation under high food grade ethanol. Scientists also reveal that there are eight members of the omega 3 family and all of them are important for optimal health, so aim for fish oil in which all eight are present. Be sure you check the label carefully and count eight individual omega 3 fatty acids.

Be sure that your fish oil meets international fish oil standards as well. Some companies have even stricter standards than IFOS, so if you happen to find a company like that, it is advisable to use its product.