Texas Mental Health Transformation
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5/27/2016 1:17:55 AM

Issue-Driven Workgroup:
Children and Adolescents


Like other state mental health service areas, demand for youth and adolescent programming has strained mental health, juvenile justice, and school systems. Experts suggest that establishing early detection and intervention programs in preschool and school settings will reduce long-term system demand and juvenile justice involvement. With 1,129 state school districts in Texas functioning independently, the state has chosen to take the lead in developing strategies for youth and adolescent system transformation.

TWG Charge

Texas has committed to reviewing existing systems and expanding early intervention systems. To identify improvement areas, the TWG charged the Children and Adolescent Workgroup with developing goals, objectives, and action plans that would:

Workgroup Goals

The workgroups goal is to create a system that recognizes mental health problems in children and adolescents and provides early intervention and treatment with the most up-to-date evidence-based practices.


After an initial system review, the workgroup recommended the following strategies:

Next Steps

The workgroup efforts are supported by various other state initiatives including Texas Department of Family Services Symposium (October 11, 2007). Programming advanced evidence-based practices with children and adolescents was co-sponsored by DFPS by several TWG agencies, universities.

Subcommittee Accomplishments